Living Mindfully-Freeing the Heart-the Path to Peace

Living Mindfully -Freeing the Heart-the Path to Peace

Resentment closes the heart
Makes you blind to the good
Keeps you frozen and small
Creates very strong walls
Every time you dwell on the pain
Salt pours into the wound
The walls around the heart grow stronger
Your world gets smaller
The mind is encased in poison
And as you look out at the world
It is tainted by blame and hurt
Opening the hear is risky
It’s an invitation to heal
Bringing compassion into the heart space
Call the presence of love and understanding
Set boundaries that offer respect for you
And others

It’s risky because….
You become vulnerable to hurt
You also open to joy laughter, passion
The choice is yours.
Or stay down, alone and wounded…
Which do you choose? Author –C Ricardo

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