Insurance Info

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Dorothy O’Keefe Diana is an out-of-network reimbursable therapy practice. Most insurance companies will offer an “out-of-network” rate they will provide if you see a therapist of your choice. A brief call to your insurance company will provide you with this information. The advantages of entering therapy utilizing these benefits are: no third party needs to authorize your treatment, decide the length of treatment based on a diagnostic code, require treatment plans that may compromise confidentiality, require you see a therapist that has signed a contract to work for your insurance company, or deny services that have already taken place.

During our initial session specific fee information will be discussed and negotiated. You will be provided with a bill on a weekly basis to present to your insurance company and we may also provide assistance with receiving reimbursement.

This fee structure is the most effective way we can  provide the ethical and confidential therapeutic services we believe in and seek to offer the community.