1993-112013-1308929Group therapy is often an important component in healing emotional and psychological struggles and emphasizing the skills necessary for success. Members feel less alone, and by gaining an understanding of others’ problems and solutions, they learn ways to help themselves. As leader, Dorothy guides the group with questions, and cultivates trust, respect, compassion and honesty. Participants agree to keep confidential anything said within the group. Groups meet at various times. Please call Dorothy at her Madison, NJ office for more information: 201-788-3189.

DBT Skills Group

Learning or reinforcing Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) skills in a group setting is another way to take action and make positive, long term behavioral changes. In this group, Dorothy will lead like-minded individuals on a journey to increase mindfulness, distress tolerance, emotion regulation, interpersonal effectiveness and radical acceptance.

Adult Substance Abuse After Care Group

This weekly aftercare group focuses on recovery and sustained abstinence. Clients will learn coping skills, relapse prevention, interpersonal skills, relaxation techniques and anger management skills. Mastery of these skills will increase success for long term recovery.

Lives Touched by Addiction

Lives Touched by Addiction is a FREE support group. This group is open to individuals and/or their loved ones who have been affected by addiction.

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